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Aegopodium podograria 'Variegatum'

Aegopodium podograria 'Variegatum'

Snow Over the Mountain, Goutweed

Zone 4 - 9

Low growing, variegated (gold, cream, green) groundcover that does well in almost any soil, in full sun or partial shade. This plant can be very invasive. It is however, excellent in and around trees and also in difficult areas where it is impossible to mow -- like a steep slope. Produces swaying stalks of white flowers mid-to-late summer. Do not plant this in a regular flowerbed as you will never get rid of it. HEIGHT: 20-30 cm SPREAD: 75-125+ cm

9 cm container size


Image courtesy of NVK

Price: (1 to 2) $6.95

Price: (3 to 9 ) $6.49

Price: (10 or more ) $5.95

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