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Caltha palustris

Caltha palustris

Marsh Marigold

Zone 3 - 9

This Ontario native is generally grown as a marginal pond plant. In early spring it produces masses of waxy, yellow, buttercup flowers on a low-growing mound of kidney-shaped glossy, dark green leaves. Sometimes reblooms in late summer. Clumping by nature but in its natural environment will seed to make a dense groundcover. Very showy.

Prefers wet to moist, rich humus soil conditions in sun to partial shade. Will survive periods of drought but will go dormant. Naturally found along streams, ponds, swamps or wet meadows. A great pond or bog plant. HEIGHT: 30-40 cm SPREAD: 30-40 cm

Image Courtesy of NVK Holdings

1 litre container size


Price: (1 to 2) $14.95

Price: (3 or more ) $13.95

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