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Daphne x burkwoodii 'Briggs Moonlight' NEW

Daphne x burkwoodii 'Briggs Moonlight'   NEW

Eternal Fragrance Daphne

Zone 4

This shrub will perfume your entire garden. In the spring it produces masses of very fragrant, pale pink, tubular flowers. Lovely compact shrub with narrow, creamy-ivory leaves with narrow, green margins. Excellent dense, rounded, uniform shape . Daphne are not the easiest to grow and require very specific conditions in order to survive and do well. They are best grown in partial shade in a protected location. Do not expose to cold drying winter winds or full sun. Low pH, well drained soil is best and take care not to over water. HEIGHT: 30-80 cm SPREAD: 30-80 cm

1 gallon container size


Image courtesy of NVK Holdings

Price: (1 to 2) $39.95

Price: (3 or more ) $38.95

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