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Delphinium New Millenium - Million Dollar Blush NEW

Delphinium New Millenium - Million Dollar Blush NEW

Million Dollar Delphiniums

Zn 3 - 9

Dwarf Delphinium with large, very erect spikes of semi-double and double, soft, rosy-pink flowers sporting a white 'bee' centre. Extra strong stems but still might need some support. Will flower in early summer and rebloom later in the season if the spent blooms are removed. Gorgeous new introduction that is heat tolerant and also very hardy. Best grown in full sun to partial shade in fertile, well drained soil. HEIGHT: 75-90 cm SPREAD: 45-60 cm

General Info:

New Millenium Hybrids were developed in New Zealand to produce stronger stalks and more intensely coloured blooms. They are considered to be longer lived and more tolerant of heat and humidity.

Delphiniums are much loved by the new gardener and the connoisseur alike. Their spires of brilliant blooms are also frequently visited by hummingbirds and butterflies. They also produce a great cut flower. During the blooming period fertilize regularly with a good perennial food to help feed and maintain the plant. Delphiunium are poisonous and usually are not bothered by deer or rabbits.

1 gallon container size


Image courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc

Price: (1 to 2) $16.95

Price: (3 or more ) $15.95

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