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Geranium cantabrigiense 'Karmina'

Geranium cantabrigiense 'Karmina'

Dwarf Cranesbill

Zone 4 - 9

Low growing perennial which forms a dense carpet of semi-evergreen aromatic, lobed foliage which turns shades of red in the fall. Excellent weed-blocking groundcover covered with clusters of deep pink flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Easily grown in sun or shade. Once established it is quite tolerant of drier conditions. Prune back after flowering to tidy the appearance and encourage new foliage growth. A low maintenance perennial useful for many garden situations. Note: This is a spreading perennial but it is not invasive. HEIGHT: 15-20 cm SPREAD: 30-40 cm

Image Courtesy of NVK Holdings

New 18 cm container size


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