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Hibiscus 'Tie Dye'

Hibiscus 'Tie Dye'

Rose Mallow

Zone 4 - 9

Definitely a WOW plant. This is a large, shrub-like perennial producing absolutely huge (30 cm), saucer-shaped, multi-coloured flowers with very distinct ruffled and corrugated overlapping petals. The outer edge of the bloom is painted with pink, followed by an irregular band of white and the centre is accented with cherry red. Large, maple-shaped leaves are wine coloured. Long flowering from July to September. Vigorous with great upright habit. A spectacular addition to your sunny garden. HEIGHT: 125-150 cm SPREAD: 90-120 cm

Plant in a hot, sunny location as it requires lots of good summer heat to bloom well. Usually will flower later in the summer and into the fall. A few important facts to remember. This is a true perennial, not a woody shrub. In the spring cut it back to the ground. Rose Mallow will not show any sign of life in the spring until the ground has heated up. In some areas and depending on the weather this might not be until well into June. Don't give up too soon. This plant will develop a large tap root system and it absolutely hates to be moved. Rose Mallow is very tolerant of heat and humidity. Spectacular and generally easy and carefree. Does not need staking.



Image courtesy of Walter's Garden

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