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Roscoea purpurea

Roscoea purpurea


Zone 6 - 9

This tuberous perennial is a relative to Ginger. It is a compact, clump-forming plant with an upright habit and attractive, arching, lance-shaped, mid-green leaves. It produces unusual, purple, hooded, orchid like flowers surrounded by overlapping bracts, held above the foliage on thick stalks. Prefers average to moist, well-drained soils in partial shade. Requires a sheltered site in Ontario landscapes and mulch should be applied for added winter protection. Tubers should be planted 15cm below soil level. Slow to emerge in spring. This form is slightly larger than alpina. HEIGHT: 35-40 cm SPREAD: 40-45 cm

1 gallon container size

Image Courtesty of NVK Holdings


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