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Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Marvel' NEW

Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Marvel'  NEW

Blue Marvel Salvia

Zone 3 - 8

Compact, miniature perennial covered with masses of deep blue, chubby flowerspikes from early to mid-summer. Shear back spent blooms after flowering to maintain a compact foliage habit and to encourage a late summer rebloom. Easily grown in full sun and well-drained soil. Great cut flower and a magnet for bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. Perfect for the front of the border, smaller gardens or grown in containers. HEIGHT: 25-30 cm SPREAD: 25-30 cm

Image courtesy of Darwin Plants

1 gallon container size


Price: (1 to 2) $15.95

Price: (3 or more ) $14.95

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