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Tree Peony - Shimadaijin - Island Master

Tree Peony - Shimadaijin - Island Master

Island Minister Paeonia suffruticosa

Zone 4 - 9

Very large (20 cm), semi-double, magenta-purple flowers.

The Tree Peony is an upright, woody shrub that does not get cut back in the spring like the perennial peony. It has dark green leaves which are blue-green on the underside. The blooms are large, double and spectacular. It is a slow growing plant, however a mature shrub (5 years plus) can reward the patient gardener with over 100 blooms. Tree Peony are best grown in dappled shade with a few hours of sunlight. Best to keep it out of the hot afternoon sun. Disease and pest free including rabbits, mice and deer which do not find it appetizing. HEIGHT: 120-150 cm SPREAD: 75-90 cm

1 gallon pot size


Image courtesy of Walter's Garden

Price: (1 to 2) $68.95

Price: (3 or more ) $67.95

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