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About Canning Perennials

About Canning Perennials

Canning Perennials is a family owned perennial plant business, located in Southern Ontario minutes from Paris. We have been in operation since 1993 specializing in hardy perennial plants, however we also carry a large selection of complimentary plants such as ornamental grasses, vines, unusual shrubs, water plants.


In 2011, after 19 seasons, we changed our retail garden centre to strictly an on-line store. We have now been shipping plants across Canada for almost two decades, and many local people use the on-line catalogue to order plants for spring pick-up. The internet and our on-line catalogue have become the chosen method for purchasing plants. Our customers - local and at a distance - have discovered that ordering on-line means you get the plants you want -- and at a discount.

This year we will continue to rely on our very popular on-line catalogue for all our sales. The 'store' is no longer open for 'over-the-counter' retail sales. You will be able to order plants for spring pick-up and also for shipping across Canada. You will be able to pick-up your plants on specific 'open' days, or you can make an appointment at your convenience. Focusing on selling through the internet allows us to continue to offer more and more varieties, plus reduce our prices. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

2021 Seasonal Hours

In the spring, I will email you when your plants are ready for pick-up. As well Plant Pick-up Dates will be posted on the website. If the designated Plant Pick-up Dates do not work you can also make an appointment at your convenience.

Celebrating 29 Years!

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