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Photo 2
"Got the plants - fantastic as usual!!!!!

It is so exciting to receive beautiful full size plants in the mail."


"Thank you once again for the excellent quality of the plants in my order. This is my third order from you and I have never been disappointed." Pamela
"For those of you who are gardeners:

I recently ordered some plants from Canning Perennials. I was a little leery as they are not the cheapest mail order company around, but I must say the plants are worth every dime. They arrived yesterday. Each plant was healthy and not stressed from the trip. Each was planted in soil which was wrapped in damp newspaper and tucked into a heavy-weight plastic bag. I popped them into the ground last night and today they almost look as if they've never lived anywhere else.

One of the items I ordered turned out to be unavailable by the time they received my order. The proprietor took the time to go out and shop around for me, found one of good quality, and included it with my order. How many companies will go that far?  I am impressed with a company that delivers so completely on its promises.  I would recommend you check out their website and in particular, the online catalogue."


"To everyone at Canning Perennials -

When we bought our house, the gardens were completely overgrown and neglected. We have spent the last year not only fixing up the house, but recovering some of the existing gardens around our 18 acre property. When the time came for planting the large, sunny and newly dug bed in front of the house this year, I had to try Canning Perennials. I have browsed your online catalogue over and over again and love the interesting selection of plants you provide.

Well, my order arrived a couple of days ago and I must say, the plants are simply wonderful. I had very high expectations given the testimonials on the web site but even my high expectations were exceeded! Not only were the plants I ordered large, well-rooted and in terrific shape, the Canning Perennial team added in a few extras to thank me for my order. So not only is your product superior, but your focus on customer service is second to none.

Thanks to everyone for making my spring gardening experience so pleasurable and exciting!"

"Just wanted to let you know my plants arrived today. They are awesome and you did a wonderful job of packing them. All have been planted in their special place. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day today, a perfect planting day. The wind picked up for a bit and the wind off the ocean was a tad chilly, but I didn't even notice it as I was so excited about the plants.

Thank you so much,"


"Chris - I have come to expect healthy plants from your company, but this last shipment is phenomenal. The size of the box gave me hesitation, I wondered if I had really ordered that much! The plants are so large and without exception made the trip with very little shock. Thanks also for the gift sedum. It's great doing business with you, thanks very much."

"I just wanted to thank you for the shipment of plants. They arrived early, in good shape (in fact, in VERY good shape, given the hot day Monday was!) Thanks also for the extra plants! What a nice treat! They're all planted now and doing well! It has been a pleasure shopping from your online store!"

Best Wishes, Andrea
"I just wanted to let you know that the 3 boxes of plants were received yesterday and planted right away. As always they were in excellent condition. You would never know that they were in a box for 3 days.

Thank you."

"I received my order today and, as usual, the plants you sent to me are far superior to anything I order anywhere else. As I think I've said before, the care taken to select plants of obvious quality and to pack them so carefully says volumes about you, your staff, and the ethic your company operates under."

"Yes, I LOVE ordering from Canning every year - your plants are always superb, and never die!! Always have great success with them. I will send you a short e-mail when the two 'HUGE' boxes arrive Canada Post (the driver is gonna love me!)

 Thanks again,"


"Just wanted to let you know rec'd my plants and everything in order. I'm impressed by the quality of your stock, your careful packing and your excellent service. Thank you." Selina
"The plants arrived this morning. They're the most gorgeous, lush, perfectly healthy plants I've seen in ages! They're out of the box and sitting in the fresh (warm) air on my back deck. No need to worry about frost here in Windsor -- the temperature fell all the way down to 16C last night!  Thanks for the great service and the wonderful plants. I can't wait to get out and plant them tomorrow morning!"

"In this busy day and age I have never stopped to write to a "plant place" like this. But I just HAD to. I have bought mail order plants from many different suppliers and your plants are BY FAR the biggest and best  quality!!!! I am IMPRESSED!!!"


"I received my order today and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the climbing hydrangea. The plants are beautiful and larger than I expected. Thank you so much."  

"I am sending this e-mail in regards to the plants I ordered and were sent out to me on Thursday May 13.  I was surprised to receive them so fast, as I got them Friday morning.  When I opened the box to start planting, I was expecting to see what I have always seen from other mail order plants, which is a dormant root in peat wrapped in a plastic bag. When I saw what was inside, I was completely stunned. The plants were beautiful. I never expected plants that large or well looked after. When I saw the size and condition of the plants, I felt like I had gone to your place, purchased them and took them home. I was also very impressed with the care you took to get them to me in good condition. I was amazed to see that the plants had their own soil, no peat, and that each plant was wrapped in damp newspaper and then put in a plastic bag and if any of the plant was outside the plastic bag, that part was also wrapped in damp newspaper. I was also amazed that there was also damp newspapers put between each layer of plants, as I had ordered quite a few. I want to thank you for the beautiful plants I received and to let you know that from now on, I will not order from any other place but yours, as I couldn't bare getting the dormant roots again, which other mail order stores send out. The care of the plants before and after shipping was totally amazing - my congratulations."

Thank you again.


"Thank you for the order, I picked it up late last night at the Postal Outlet. This morning, before work, I potted them up for the day, watered well and they are in the shade until they go into the ground this evening. . . . The plants look great, I will definitely order again. To be honest, I thought your prices were a bit high, but after seeing the plants, I very much understand, they are the largest, ground ready grasses I have ever received."

Thanks again.

"The last order I placed was received in excellent condition and I was very pleased. I made a larger garden than I perhaps thought, so I am placing another order with you. I look forward to receiving it and just want to mention that it has been a pleasure dealing with you".


"Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful, well-packed shipment of a lot of plants. Your plants are all great and I received them this morning and planted all this afternoon just before the rain. Thanks once again, looking forward to the next shipment!"


"The plants were at the Post Office today. All is well. Thank you. Even the local nursery was quite surprised by what I received."

Barbara Dee
"The plants arrived in better shape than many plants at our local nursery.  They are in the ground and show no sign of shock. Thank you," Maria
"My first order from Canning Perennials arrived today. The plants were in excellent condition and I was very pleased with their size and overall appearance. Thanks so much."

"The Daylily arrived today. I am very impressed with the quality and size of the daylily. I will continue to check your catalogue for new daylilies in the future."

 Thank you very much.

"Hi Chris - the order was wedged in my door when I got home, and everything  has been Myke'd and put to bed. The heucheras, especially, are in great shape and lovely colour.  Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you again.


"Order rec'd and both clematis are planted and happy in their new home. I am very pleased with your plants and your quick service! Thank you."

"Received all my lovely plants when I got home and they are planted and watered. They look great. Thank you again for all your help. I'll definitely be ordering again. Have a great summer."


"Rec'd your order Thursday morning (the post lady had to LUG them from the truck) and planted all that same afternoon- then it rained for two days!!

Thank you sincerely for the great packaging and correspondence regarding availability etc".

"Chris, plants are awesome!! Thanks so much... So nice to do business with someone so caring and goes the extra mile... thanks again,"

"Received your plants. Thanks! They came in great shape. Such healthy looking plants - very happy with them." Ann
"Just a note to let you know that the plants are now at home in the beds. Everything arrived in great condition. . . . Thank you for such good quality plants."


"I rec'd my order yesterday, plants look great. Thanks a lot." Corinne
"The vines arrived on Wed. in good shape. Thanks for your attention to my order. Have a good summer." Cory
"Hello Chris and thank you again for all the beautiful plants . . .. Our gardens are gorgeous and doing great."


"Many many thanks for another great order  . . . . Thanks once again, everything was perfectly packed and very healthy!"

"The plants arrived yesterday and all were healthy and green.  Thank you so much." Barb
"I just want to say I am very impressed with the service and the quality of the plants you sent (especially so late in the season). I have already told several of my gardening friends about you . I am looking forward to becoming a regular customer .  Thanks again for everything ."


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