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Aralia cordata 'Sun King'

Aralia cordata 'Sun King'

Golden Japanese Spikenard - Perennial Plant of the Year 2020

Zone 3

A fabulous ornamental that will definitely brighten your garden. This plant has large, brilliant gold, compound leaves which are held on contrasting reddish-brown stems. In mid-summer produces tiny white flowers which are followed by deep, purplish-black, inedible berries. Blooms are attractive to honeybees. This plant has a wonderful tropical appearance. This shade-loving perennial requires a few hours of sun a day to maintain colour all summer long. It prefers rich organic soil, moist but well drained. If given consistent moisture, it can be grown in full sun. Deer resistant. Compact size perfect for the border. HEIGHT: 80-100 cm SPREAD: 80-100 cm

2 gallon container size

Image courtesy of NVK Holdings


Price: (1 to 2) $44.95

Price: (3 or more ) $43.95

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