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Geranium phaeum 'Margaret Wilson'

Geranium phaeum 'Margaret Wilson'

Dusky Cranesbill

Zone 5

Lovely foliage which changes colour, emerging golden-yellow in the spring, then transforming to creamy-white and green as the season progresses. Small, showy purple flowers with a white eye in early to mid-summer. Prune the plant back hard after the first flowering to tidy the plant and encourage further blooming. Best grown in full sun to partial shade in average to moist well-drained soil. HEIGHT: 30-35 cm SPREAD: 40-45 cm

General Information Cranesbill Geraniums

These hardy, perennial Geraniums are not to be confused with the common bedding geraniums which are more properly called Pelargonium. Cranesbill Geraniums are hardy, long-lived, long-flowering and generally very easy-to-grow perennials. These are tough, low maintenance plants, free from pests and disease. There are quite a large variety of Cranesbills available -- something for virtually every garden situation including deep shade. Some of the most popular in recent years are the smaller varieties which are less than 12" high. They are perfect for a smaller garden, the rockery or even in a container. If you are developing a balcony garden these little gems are perfect. There are also many mid-sized to large varieties, very suitable for the border. Some varieties such as Geranium sanguineum can even be used as a groundcover. No matter which varieties you may grow its hard not to fall in love with these durable and very dependable perennials. Most varieties of Geranium are also very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.

1 gallon container size


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