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Hosta 'Zebra Stripes' NEW

Hosta 'Zebra Stripes'  NEW

Zone 3

Unique and unusual Hosta. In the spring the leaves emerge almost pure white with green stems . As the season progress the leaves will develop green veins and speckling and eventually turn solid green. Lavender flowers in the late summer. Keep this lovely Hosta in full shade as the sun will burn the foliage. HEIGHT: 30-45 cm SPREAD: 45-60 cm

1 gallon pot size


Image courtesy of NVK Holdings


Hosta are outstanding foliage plants generally grown in full to partial shade. However many varieties will also tolerate full sun if given a consistently moist situation. Hosta are long-lived, dependable and very easy to grow. They are undemanding and low maintenance perennials grown primarly for their fabulous foliage, however all do flower, usually in mid-to-late summer. The bell-like flowers are generally lavander or white and held on tall stalks well above the plant. Ornamental Hosta foliage is excellent for breaking up alll that homogeneous green in the garden. They are great accent plants and can create a vivid display when mass planted. Hosta are also perfect for containers.

Slug Resistant Hosta -- Look for Hosta with quilted or corrugated foliage and a thicker substance.

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Price: (3 or more ) $28.95

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