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Paeonia ITOH 'Lollipop' 3 gallon

Paeonia ITOH 'Lollipop' 3 gallon

Itoh Hybrid Peony

Zone 3 - 9

Spectacular ornamental. Very large, semi-double, soft, buttery-yellow blooms with deep purple to magenta streaks and a tuft of golden yellow stamen in the centre. Lovely lemony fragrance. Smaller in stature than most varieties. HEIGHT: 70-80 cm SPREAD: 70-80 cm

General Information: Rare and unusual, ITOH Peony (pronounced Eh-Toe) are a cross between Tree Peony and Garden Peony. They are herbaceous plants but produce blooms which are similar to the Tree Peony. Enormous flowers are double or semi-double in a wide variety of truly remarkable colours. A mature plant can produce 50 plus blooms which will grace your garden for weeks in early to mid-summer. Not only is this a spectacular plant but it never needs staking. Unlike the common Garden Peony, ITOH plants have very strong, upright stems. ITOH Peony are easily grown in a sunny location and are not too fussy about soil conditions. They can be grown in sandy, clay or loamy soil. These beautiful ornamentals are deer and rabbit resistant and make a wonderful cut flower.

Image courtesy of NVK Holdings

3 gallon size


Price: $120.00

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