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Trillium erectum (red)

Trillium erectum (red)

Red or Purple Wakerobin

Large green leaves. Maroon to dark red, upfacing bloom held above the foliage. HEIGHT: 15-30 cm SPREAD: 10-15 cm

Trilliums prefer a moist, well-drained, fertile location in partial shade. Once planted do not be tempted to move or divide the plant. Disturbed plants may take years to recover . . . or not at all. All plants offered have been professionally grown for the nursery and landscape trade. Once established, Trilliums will flourish, multiplying from year to year and even seeding themselves. Trilliums are spring-blooming, woodland plants that go dormant and retreat underground after flowering. Great for naturalizing in a wooded area.

1 litre container size


Image courtesy of NVK Holdings

Price: (1 to 2) $14.95

Price: (3 to 9 ) $13.95

Price: (10 or more ) $12.95

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